Since its inception, the Jimmy Ryce Center has given hundreds of bloodhounds to law enforcement agencies around the country.

There are close to 18,000 police and sheriff departments across the country that could benefit from the services of a Bloodhound.

Your donation  to the The Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction allows us to place well trained AKC bloodhound puppies with law enforcement.

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News Hound

News Hound is a collection of news stories aggregated from all over the country related to Jimmy’s case as well as stories of law enforcement and bloodhounds and how they work together to solve criminal cases.

Check back often as we will be updating News Hound with the latest stories as they’re released.

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Latest JRC Bloodhound News

September 11 Marks 21st Anniversary Of Jimmy Ryce’s Death (Video)

September 11, 2016, is the 21st year we mourn the loss of Jimmy Ryce. Claudine Ryce, Jimmy’s late mom, said it best, “God sleeps on September 11”

Suzie is a princess for the day at her retirement party on June 1 at BSO’s Parkland district office.

Suzie Q’s Retirement Party

After 11 years of tracking missing children and adults, Suzie Q retires from the BSO K-9 unit

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The Bloodhound Run (Music Video)

A music video dedicated to the National Police Bloodhound Association, the law enforcement officers and their bloodhounds.

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We Urgently Need Your Help!

The Jimmy Ryce Center needs your help. We need money to buy bloodhounds for law enforcement agencies. Please donate.


Jimmy Ryce’s Legacy Honored by National Center

Today, Jimmy Ryce would have turned 30-years-old. He was murdered at the age of 9. Today we were honored with a story written by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) which tells the world about Jimmy’s story and the legacy of his name


September 11 Marks the 20th Anniversary of the Death of Jimmy Ryce

On Sept. 11, 1995 Jimmy Ryce got off his school bus and was never seen alive again. Abducted, raped and murdered, the Ryce Family created a legacy in his honor.


Tragedy Strikes – Two Police Dogs Die in K-9 Officer’s SUV

Davie and Hialeah police are investigating the deaths of two police K-9’s at the Davie home of a Hialeah K-9 officer. The incident unfolded Wednesday evening, just before 7 PM, when Hialeah K-9 officer Nelson Enriquez left his Davie home and discovered the two dogs in the back of his police SUV.

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Where have all the puppies gone

We wanted to update our loyal friends and supporters about the work and remarkable activities taking place at the Jimmy Ryce Center. This has been a very busy year for us. Law enforcement agencies from all over the country have been contacting us to donate bloodhound pups to them.



We have heard comments over the course of the past few months that the Ryce family wants to change the name of the “Jimmy Ryce Act.” First rumor came from Orlando and the most recent from Duval County.
Here is what Don Ryce, Jimmy’s dad, has to say


Seminole County Bloodhound rescues 9-year-old (Video)

Seminole County Sheriff’s bloodhound, Amber, located a 9 year old special needs child over the weekend. Amber was donated by the Jimmy Ryce Center in 2012

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