The Jimmy Ryce Center: 
  • Provides AKC bloodhounds free to law enforcement to find abducted and lost children.
  • Counsels and provides support to parents of children abducted by sexual predators.
  • Increases public awareness of sexual predators and predatory abductions through speeches, brochures, and radio and television appearances.
  • Provides information to teachers and parents on what to teach children to make them more predator smart and thus more predator resistant.
  • Identifies legislation and programs which better protect children from sexual predators.
  • Assists law enforcement in developing more effective procedures for handling predatory abductions.
  • Works to improve coordination and cooperation among state missing children information clearinghouses, missing children nonprofit organizations, and law enforcement.
  • Contact us:, write us: Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction, 908 Coquina Lane, Vero Beach, Florida 32963.

On September 11, 1995, 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce was kidnapped at gunpoint from his school bus stop, sodomized, and shot as he was trying to escape.  To free more children from the clutches of sexual predators, The Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction was established in June of 1996 in honor of Jimmy and his courage in trying to get home even after hours of pain and humiliation.
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A bloodhound costs The Jimmy Ryce Center $1000. We donate bloodhounds to law enforcement agencies around the country. 
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The Jimmy Ryce Center For Victims Of Predatory Abduction
Family Photos may be found in "Jimmy's Life" and "New Pictures" files
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"Don't kill the child....Don't kill the child. Because if you do, people will not forget, they will not forgive. We will hunt you down and we will put you to death."—Don Ryce speaks to the media after Juan Carlos Chavez was executed in Starke, Florida for raping and killing his 9-year-old son, Jimmy, 18 years ago on September 11, 1995. (VIDEO Courtesy WFOR-CBS 4 Miami)
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Did You Know? 

“A bloodhound has 60 times the scent power of a German Shepherd and is the only dog that can follow a human trail more than a few hours old.  
A bloodhound is your best single bet for bringing a child, abducted by a predator, home, alive. We believe that Jimmy would be alive today if a bloodhound had immediately been brought in to search for our son.”

  -- Don and Claudine Ryce

Jimmy Ryce Center Unveils New Logo
The Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction has a new logo. The logo was designed, created and donated by Jay Harris, MIS/MIT, Patch Me Thru, Inc. 
"We feel it captures the true essence of Jimmy and what our organization represents," said Don Ryce, Jimmy's father. 
9 year old Jimmy Ryce was abducted and murdered on September 11, 1995 on his way home from school. His parents founded the Jimmy Ryce Center in his memory.

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